Other Producs

Skiffy plastic and metal parts.

Other Producs
Ventilation fitting  Group 013
Ventilation fitting white, grey or beige
LED housing  Group 014
LED housing black nylon-66 (PA-66)
Door catch  Group 021
Door catch
Round belt  Group 022
Round belt Tension free, flexible, strong
Welding set  Group 023
Welding set for thermoplastic rods and tubes
Round belt wheel  Group 024
Round belt wheel natural POM
Clip label  Group 028
Clip label polypropylene (PP)
Mini-warehouse  Group 029
Sample bag locking  Group 043
Sample bag locking for bags, envelopes
Paperclip  Group 044
Paperclip in various colours
Calibre  Group 044-1
Calibre for checking the fit of rivets, feet, e
Latch  Group 076
Latch for mounting & removing screens, frames
Spacer  Group 077
polyethylene (Hd-PE) Spacer
Plug  Group 108
nylon-6 (PA-6) Plug
Ventilation cover  Group 123
Ventilation cover black, grey, white
Ring binder clip  Group 149
Ring binder clip book binding
Suspension plate  Group 150
Suspension plate book binding tool
Seal  Group 152
Seal Available in 3 models
Insertable handle  Group 157
Insertable handle natural, yellow

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