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More than just plastic parts!

Did you know that Skiffy manufactures and distributes a large range of European quality metal fixings, fasteners and spacers? Check our extensive range below!

Spacer - Series 311-M
Metal spacer
F/F Hex Spacer - Series 311-M
Metal F/F Hex Spacer
Metal hexagonal spacer - Series 304-M
Metal hexagonal spacer
Metal spacer Sub-D - Series 308-M
Metal spacer Sub-D
Metal spacer Sub-D - Series 309-M
Metal spacer Sub-D
Metal soldering spacer - Series 314-M
Metal soldering spacer
Metal self tapping spacer - Series 315-M
Metal self tapping spacer
Metal self tapping spacer - Series 316-M
Metal self tapping spacer
Metal screw - Series 050-M
Metal screw
Metal hexagon screw - Series 079-M
Metal hexagon screw
Metal countersunk screw - Series 080-M
Metal countersunk screw
Metal socket head screw - Series 340-M
Metal socket head screw
Metal flat head machine screw - Series 341-M
Metal flat head machine screw
Metal pan head machine screw - Series 342-M
Metal pan head machine screw
Metal pan head tapping screw - Series 343-M
Metal pan head tapping screw
Metal nut - Series 051-M
Metal nut
Metal nut - Series 052-M
Metal cap nut
Metal lock nut DIN 985 - Series 348-M
Metal lock nut DIN 985
Metal flange nut DIN 6923 - Series 349-M
Metal flange nut DIN 6923
Metal wing nut - Series 053-M
Metal wing nut
Metal locking washer - Series 344-M
Metal locking washer
Metal spring washer - Series 345-M
Metal spring washer
Metal flat washer DIN 125 - Series 346-M
Metal flat washer DIN 125
Metal large flat washer DIN 9021 - Series 347-M
Metal large flat washer DIN 9021
Threaded spacers
Threaded spacers
Skiffy metal products are available in small pack sizes and deliverable directly from stock. Our pack sizes run from 1 to 1000 pieces, depending on the selected sizes. Thanks to our large stock we can ship your orders on the same day. Request a FREE sample if you are not sure about the right size and right application!

Next to finishing caps & plugs the Skiffy product range contains a very wide and comprehensive range of spacers, threaded spacers, PCB Spacers, slide bearings, motion control products such as gear wheels and dampers, threaded fasteners such as screws, bolts and nuts, washers, rings, rivets, bonding pads, push fasteners such as rivets, caps & washers, tube accessories such as ribbed inserts, stand-offs and feet & bumbers, knobs & handles, insulations sleeves, grommets & bushings, cable accessories such as cable ties, p-clips and other cable management products, hose accessories, display accessories, and so on.

You can find the most common used materials within the Skiffy ranges such as Nylon-6 (PA-6), Nylon-66 (PA-66), Polyethylene (Ld-PE), Polyethylene (Hd-PE), PEEK, Polypropylene (PP), Elastomer, Polystyrene, POM, glass fibres, Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), PVC, PFTE, Polycarbonate, SEBS, Brass, Nitrile (NBR), Polyurethane, Aluminium, PVDF, Stainless steel and Mild steel.

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