Bumpers - Buffers - Feet

Skiffy feet, buffers and bumpers.

Buffers and bumpers
Insert foot  Group 047
Black PVC Insert foot
Protective buffer  Group 048
White or black PVC protective buffer
Insert foot  Group 049
White or black PVC insert foot
Door buffer  Group 066
Black door buffer
Insert foot  Group 068
Gray or black polyethylene (Ld-PE) insert foot
Glass foot  Group 069
Natural PVC Glass foot
Glass foot  Group 070
Natural PVC Glass foot
Buffer  Group 117-1
Buffer  Group 117-2
White or black PUR or rubber buffer Group 117-2
Insert Foot  Group 120
Black nylon-6 (PA-6) or Elastomer insert Foot
Insert feet  Group 122
Black PVC Insert feet
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